A reggae journey through some of hip-hop's most famous soul samples

'Ride The Samples' is a project that pays tribute to some of the original songs that - thanks to sampling - later became the building blocks of world-famous hip-hop classics.

Hearing these 8 famously sampled soul classics re-arranged in reggae style  reveals how soul and reggae are deeply interconnected. When the first sound systems were born in jamaica, they used to play a lot of R&B and soul tunes from the states, the melodies and sounds of which, went on to influence the new wave of Jamaican music from ska, to rocksteady and then reggae.

In a similar way we find parallel influences in the States, where - in late 70’s Bronx - newly born hip-hop was deeply influenced by Jamaican immigrants with their street art of ‘dee-jaying’ (or 'toasting') over instrumental riddims.

‘Ride The Samples’ is our way of keeping this powerful mix of genres together, celebrating the original soul samples on which world-famous hip-hop classics are based.


Produced by Wakeditown Records founder Matia 'Ambassa' Gobbo, 'Ride The Samples' features the wonderful soulful voice of London singer/songwriter Nichola Richards.  Recorded between London, Italy, Los Angeles, Denmark and Brasil,  it also features Paolo Baldini Dubfiles at the mixing desk, who - very much like King Tubby's used to do - brings the whole sound to life with interesting dub splashes. Like David Rodigan would say, "goggles on"!

  • Preorders for vinyl open on 15  May 2017
  • Vinyl  pre-orders ship mid-June

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As Long As I've Got You (MP3 single)

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After Laughter Comes Tears (MP3 single)

Ambassa feat. Nichola Richards (MP3)

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