It all started in Brixton - London UK.

We met, listened to music together, ate pizzas, drew ideas for covers, recorded some tracks and founded a label..

Matia 'Ambassa' Gobbo first met Nichola Richards in 2014. Helistened to a few tracks of hers and imagined how her voice would be the perfect fit for starting a new project he already had in mind, that kept together his passion for reggae, soul samples & hip-hop. 

Ambassa also  wanted to form a label to support new talents, collaborate with other music realities and create better and better musical output for people to enjoy.  That's how Wakeditown Records was born, officially in 2016.

Wake di town and tell the people!
— U-Roy, 1970

As much as exploring music from a different angle, Ambassa also wanted the label to have a refined and free graphic aesthetic. Free from music genres, clichés & revenue-generated anxiety. He wanted Wakeditown's image to be in sync with its music.  Fabrizio Festa immediately bought into the idea, and joined from the beginning, designing every single piece of visual ever since. Exceptional illustrator, typography lover, music digger and dear friend, Fabrizio is superb at translating what our ears hear drawing music out into visuals.

In 2016 Wakeditown Records released its first piece of music on vinyl, a reggae take of the famously sampled soul classic 'After Laughter Comes Tears' by Wendy Renee. Produced by Ambassa and beautifully interpreted by London singer/songwriter Nichola Richards, the tune received  airplays on BBC Radio 1Xtra by David Rodigan,  was spinned in dj sets all over the world by internationally renowned  djs such as Bobbito Garcia (Stretch & Bobbito show, Samsung 837), Just Blaze  (producer, Jay Z) and DJ Muro from Japan amongst the others.  


Following the sold-out success of the first single, Wakeditown Records released the second  single, another reggae take of the famously sampled soul classic 'As Long As I've Got You' by The Charmels. The single received even quicker success  going sold out in just a month, and Japan raised to this tune's biggest fan. It was also awarded a score of 8.5/10 on DJ Mag  

The two singles prepared the territory for what's yet to come - the label's first LP, featuring Ambassa on the productions, Nichola Richards on the vocals and Paolo Baldini Dubfiles at the control (mix). To be released on the 2nd of June 2017,  'Ride The Samples'  is a project that pays tribute to some of the original songs that - thanks to sampling - later became the building blocks of world-famous hip-hop classics.