How does it feel to be sold-out of vinyls

The picture you see above is us shipping the last of the 100  white copies of 'As Long As I've Got You', our latest single produced by Ambassa featuring Nichola Richards at the vocals. It's going out to the wonderful Japan,  to one of the numerous wonderful people that bought this specific single. Infact Japan alone bought as much as the rest of the world. So a special kind of thank you goes out to all of you out there: thank you very much for showing your appreciation for our latest tune!

That was also the last copy of vinyl we had for sale. We're now officially vinyl-less until 'Ride The Samples' - our first LP - comes out of pressing (which will be probably late Feb/early March 2017). And it's a great feeling. First because we help a music format that we have always loved,  since when our parents were playing it for us.

Despite fashions, ups or downs vinyl is and will always be (hopefully) a low-cost music format that gives voice to a vast underground variety of music.

 Especially the 7'' vinyl, has always been a format easy to manufacture in small batches, to see if a tune would be liked or not. 

So if you're one of the 100 ones that bought the white LE edition of this single, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The money we make from the records cover our expenses and are used entirely to press the next ones, so you are literally making this music  dream come true!

If you're not one of them, here's a video of the actual white vinyl. It's spinning on our beautiful tropicana-edition slipmat and - like everything else - is beautifully designed by Fabrizio Festa .