After Laughter Comes Tears (MP3 single)


After Laughter Comes Tears (MP3 single)


Ambassa feat. Nichola Richards (MP3)

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A reggae cover of a great soul classic by Wendy Rene (also sampled by RZA of the WU-TANG Clan for T.E.A.R.Z. in 1993), After Laughter is the first single of a larger project which sees London-born singer Nichola Richards reinterpreting 8 famously sampled soul classics in reggae style.

After Laughter and the other 7 songs part of 'Ride The Samples' are the produce of an exceptional team of musicians form all around the globe, starting with London, home for Nichola Richards (voice), Matia “Ambassa” Gobbo (bass/pianos) and Winston 'Horseman' Williams, moving on to Denmark where Martin Kaufmann lives (hammonds, clavinets & electric pianos), passing through Brazil to find Fellipe “Souljah” Sobral’s exquisite guitars and finishing in Italy, home for the magic horns of Zeno Tami.

Nichola Richards is a unique singer/songwriter in today’s UK and european music scene. She also regularly composes and tours around Europe with German funk&soul band “The Mighty Mocambos”. Nichola recently wrote a song for the Truth&Soul star Lee Fields called "Where do we go from here", released on 7’’ vinyl by Mocambos Records .


  • Label: Wakeditown Records
  • Producer: Matia “Ambassa” Gobbo
  • Release Date: 20/01/2016
  • Voice & BV: Nichola Richards
  • Bass & piano: Matia Gobbo  
  • Drums & percussions: Winston 'Horseman' Williams
  • Horns: Zeno Tami  
  • Guitars: Fellipe 'Souljah' Sobral
  • Hammonds, clavinets & electric pianos: Martin Kauffmann
  • Mix & dubbing: Paolo Baldini
  • Mastering: Simone Squillario